Sponsor or Exhibit

If you are a brand or organisation that could benefit from delivering your message to a highly targeted audience of technology startup people, you have come to the right place! UPPSTART has a couple of paid options that deliver this kind of exposure, via either an Exhibiting Ticket (which you can register here) or by becoming a full track partner (which you can contact us about here)

Virtual Exhibiting Booths at Uppstart


480 EUR

Interact with thousands of targeted customers, investors, journalists, partners or potential hires within the tech startup industry in an interactive way.

virtual expo booth

Up to 3 people within your company can chat and interact via live video.

Event Offers

Offer customised offers to all UPPSTART attendees with optional link to capture attendee information.


Run interactive polls to engage people who attend your booth.


Track Sponsorship

  • Gain exclusive brand exposure on an entire content track
  • Extensive campaigns to headhunt a specific target audience based on your exact needs
  • Your organisation promoted to over 40,000 people in our socials and via email
  • On stage participation (either public or privately curated invite only event) published in our agenda, recorded and promoted afterwards via YouTube.
  • Free virtual expo booth (see above)
Sandvik at UPPSTART

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UPPSTART is going virtual on 4th September 2020 for thousands of tech startup people! Get your free tickets before they run out.