Creating The Young Programmers of Tomorrow

It’s no secret that there is a huge imbalance with regards to the number of female programmers vs male ones in today’s world.

Our speakers on this panel will talk about actionable steps which must be taken to excite and inspire young girls into building a career in software engineering or tech generally. Something they are tackling head first with their own startups.

Paula Dozsa will be moderating, the co-founder and lead developer of ImagiLabs – a company empowering young girls to become technologists. Having built the world’s only mobile-first community, targeting 300 million pre-teen girls, Paula will be sharing her expertise on how to get more and more youngsters to follow the path to becoming a programmer.

Joining her will be Linda Liukas, skilled founder, software programmer, international speaker and author! She is founder of of “Rail Girls” a movement now in 260 cities, and probably best known as being the author of Hello Ruby a programming booked aimed to children.

Our final speaker in this fireside style discussion is Caroline Ramade, the co-founder of 50inTech and thought leader on the topic of getting more girls into the tech industry. She’s Managing Director at WILLA in Paris (supporting & accelerating female led startups) as well as being mentor at Techstars amongst many other accolades.


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