How Far Are We From A Hyperreal Metaverse (And What The Heck Is It!)

Everyone heard about Facebook pivoting their brand towards the metaverse, but what exactly is the metaverse?

How far along is the metaverse today?
What should we expect to see in the coming years?
What role will technology like AI play?
How close are we to hyperreality, eg where it becomes impossible to distinguish between what is real or synthetic.

… Or have we already gotten there a long time ago and no-body realizes? ?

These are all things our expert panel will cover in this session, and who themselves hardly need an intro.

Mike Butcher MBE is the Editor At Large @ Techcrunch one of the largest and probably most renown technology publication in the world. Mike will be moderating the panel.

Joining him will be Thomas Graham, a thought leader within the area of synthetic media, AI, and is renown for founding (who created the Tom Cruise Deep Fake you may have seen circulating the interwebs!).

Also joining this fireside discussion will be Ilya Gelfenbeyn who is the CEO and co-founder of InWorld AI, an AI driven virtual character platform for immersive realities!

We can’t wait for this one!


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