Late Night Hangout

A place to chill and hang out the evening of UPPSTART for all you night owls!

We want to invite you to hang out at the ‘Late Night Hangout Session’ our 2D UPPSTART.World platform!

This session has everything you need to kick back, relax and chat with the people you’ve met throughout the day from the comfort of your sofa.

You could for example head to the UPPSTART.World bar to relax with a games room with virtual darts and One Night Werewolf games, a virtual piano to play, a backstage poker room, and even an actual bar (without any overpriced Stockholm cocktails!).

We could find you hanging out in the Workshop space, or the main Startup Showcase area, which will be open into the early hours of the morning.

Or the Networking space, with fun icebreakers, allowing attendees to introduce themselves to potential co-founders, investors, and start-ups to invest in!

A fun experience to get involved in, and a good chance you’ll meet some game changing people that will become contacts for life.

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