Live Virtual Breathing Session with Hale

Hale co-founders Johnny Oduya and Daniel Mueller-Gonzalez are going to be hosting this special live virtual breathing class specially tailored for UPPSTART attendees!

At this Virtual Breathing Session with Hale, you can expect to connect to your mind and body, recharge, and feel the earth beneath your feet. Johnny Oduya will guide you through this calming practice, and talk about the importance of breathing exercises and meditation. What better way to kick start a packed day with over 100 live sessions back to back!

Johnny played in the NHL for 10 years. That’s when he discovered the importance of breathwork. Daniel (a certified level 2 wim hof instructor) found breathwork through his own personal life challenges.

The fact that such a simple tool can boost productivity for a professional athlete and improve mental health blew his mind. All you need is yourself and your breath and the class is totally open for beginners. Johnny advises those joining to practice ideally on an empty stomach or light breakfast for the most optimal results at the session.

Expect deep long oxygenated breathing, breath holds, and incredible body sensations that you might not have ever experienced before.

Don’t miss this one!


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