Sales is About the Mindset and Accepting a Lot of NOs

Think about the last time you were rejected.

Was it in business?
Was it by a romantic lover?
Was it just asking a friend out for coffee?

There is no doubt rejections are painful to take. But like Tony Robbins says ‘There is no real success without rejection’.

That’s exactly what Jan Ameri is going to talk to us about. Jan definitely knows a thing or two about bouncing back from rejection. When celebrity tech investor Gary Vaynerchuk rejected his startup idea, Jan wasn’t going to just accept it.

Instead, he believed in himself and put faith in his idea, eventually turning the situation around by convincing Gary to invest.

In this talk, he will explain why startups must have grit and simply can’t afford to take no for an answer, he will reveal some sneaky tricks to get a no into a yes (with playbook formulas & hidden secrets), also detailing when not to cross the line, so you can save time and energy to maximize your odds at success.

If you are working on sales, raising capital, or getting others to agree to your ideas in any context! – then you don’t want to miss this!


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