Virtual Wine Tasting!

UPPSTART and wine have a long and fruitful history, and this year is no exception 🙂

A huge part of the UPPSTART experience is fun factor, and doing events that bring people together to network in a natural way. So we thought long and hard about ways to do this online…

A virtual 2D world you can walk around in with an avatar? ✅ CHECK!
Wine tasting? ✅ CHECK!
A world class sommelier who also does stand up comedy? ✅ CHECK!

… How could such a formula possible go wrong!?

You have two ways in which you can get involved in this experience.

Option 1 (For lazy people)
Show up on the day without planning.
You’ll still have fun, will get to mingle with some fun people in the tech startup world in a unique 2D experience and you’ll learn a bunch about wine, but you’ll sit there the whole thing thinking “why the heck didn’t I go with option 2!”.

Option 2 (For awesome people)
To take part in the actual wine virtual tasting you obviously need some actual wine. So you go to the list that Laurie has created below and buy 1 or more bottles, then you will be able to take part live as she runs through the tasting.


You can purchase 1 bottle or more of these and bring it to the virtual event with you and you’ll be able to take part in the virtual tasting itself. We have provided links to the Swedish store, but you should be able to google the name of the wine and find this in your local country also if you are outside of Sweden:

Pro tip, do this as an afterwork event at your company and get the whole team involved, it’s a Friday night after all!

Sparkling: Ferrari – Brut Organic (Italy)
Systembolaget Link:

White: Trimbach – Riesling, 2018 (France)
Systembolaget Link:

Red: Barolo Albe – G.D. Vajra, 2017 (Italy)
Systembolaget Link:


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