Why Bitcoin is Greener Than You Might Think

We’ve all seen the headlines about energy consumption of Bitcoin (and general crypto) mining, but how much truth lies within the claims? Are these statements misleading, or factual?

Most importantly, what are companies doing to minimise the impact that crypto mining has on the planet?

In this interactive fireside session where our speakers who all have diverse and expert backgrounds within the blockchain / crypto space, will discuss this topic and share insights.

Fireside speakers will include:

Bipin Patel who holds a MSc degree in Theoretical Physics and has a long history working in the financial markets. His background includes having been the Group Risk Officer of Hong Kong Exchanges, and he is currently Chief Investment Officer at CryptAM.Fund, an asset management firm applying quantitative trading strategies on digital assets and also the CEO of Digital Resources Holdings (DRH), an institutional-grade cryptocurrency mining firm.

Christian Ander is founder of Goobit -a group that runs Sweden’s cryptocurrency exchange Bt.cx (now public). Christian has a masters in Quantum Physics, Chemistry & algorithms, an PHD in Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, quite a background! He advises and invests in several blockchain based startups.

Daniel Möstrom is CEO Xpencunia, a fast growing Greentech company that extracts cryptocurrencies using renewable energy, optimized through AI model Dynamics).


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