Workshop: The Scaling School: A Co-Creation Workshop

After 20 years of working with founders, delivering the necessary tools to help them transition from start-ups to scaling businesses, don’t miss this workshop with The Scaling School to uncover what they can do for you.

”We doubled our turnover from 10M SEK to 20M SEK during The Scaling School coaching period” Jens Levin, FOUNDER, SITOO

“The Scaling School got us in a position to scale and gave us confidence in doing so with less headache and surprises” – Founders of Twigego, Marcus, Dimitar & Joakim.

The scaling school uses the Nordic approach to leadership, based on trust, transparency, flat hierarchies using self-managing teams.

Founded by Maria Horelli-Rosenlew, she believed that start-up founders don’t get the support they need. After all, 90% of startups worldwide fail.

Joining us in this interactive workshop is Sara Digne. Sara does the behind-the-scenes work to help The Scaling School do the amazing work it does. She is involved in creating amazing graphics and content to help businesses scale to the next level!

The Scaling School uses hands-on, fun, and smart learning with universal methods to bring the help that start-up founders need. This workshop will allow you to go through content with real-life success stories.


Tech startup in Sweden raising capital for a Health, Impact or AI company? Active tech investor? Then you need to get involved in this.