How Does Your Startup Become Truly Data-Driven?

“I chartered my course by figures, nothing but figures” John D Rockefeller – net worth adjusted for inflation ~ $400 million.

Everyone knows that their startup should be data-driven, right? Not doing so is like sailing a ship but not having a map to follow.

Sophia Rehioui and William Friman founded Sthlm Strat Lab to help businesses of all kinds to become truly data-driven.

In this keynote, Sophia is going to discuss why it’s important for startups to be data-driven, and what techniques work best for doing so, how you can get your entire organization to adopt a new culture of being data-driven, and even offer some practical, real-world advice on going about this. Later, William will join her for a Q&A session (taking place in our 2D UPPSTART.World Speaker Lounge!).

If you care about being data-driven, you don’t want to miss this!


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